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Firefox Is Being A Pain


mozilla Ask a question Sign In English Search Home Support Forum Firefox Firefox Problems after Refresh Problems Support Forum This thread was archived. Too much change in the primary interface. Lately, Firefox has been doing this weird thing where it randomly stops loading anything, as if the connection was lost (it isn't, everything else works just fine). Even my firefox start page was hijacked and the search by something I don't remember.

I see so many comments on articles about Chrome (not just on this one article either) about "I'm not going to switch just to jump on the Chrome bandwagon!" - its I can't believe this is happening. I assume you are using History > Restore Previous Session if you are not restoring your previous session automatically. (Restore previous session - Configure when Firefox shows your most recent tabs It's stable, no frequent updates, no GUI changes every 2 weeks, and actually uses less memory than Firefox. http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f131/firefox-is-being-a-pain-618202.html

Firefox Running Slow On Windows 10

Read this answer in context 25 Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. You can check for updates to your Intel graphics drivers using the steps in this article: Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score:5, Insightful) by jlebar ( 1904578 ) writes: on Saturday August 04, 2012 @06:23PM (#40881267) Homepage If you are on Windows try Pale Moon Pretty soon all these processes are fighting with one another to get HDD access, and the whole think freezes up 1 minute each time.Firefox runs better.And yes it's annoying that Firefox

Too bad FF.8) Integrated search/address bar...... I didn't bother to reply last time, but yeah, I already knew about Flashblock, already had it installed, and no, obviously that's not the problem. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score:5, Insightful) by SomePgmr ( 2021234 ) writes: on Saturday August 04, 2012 @04:33PM (#40880439) Homepage I don't feel like it's quite so dramatic... Firefox Windows 10 Crash Can I revert to an earlier version?

The software was ad-supported for a while, but they dropped that back in 2005. I doubt you'll be able to observe a performance difference due to anything other than the placebo effect. Temporarily disable all security related software, including the firewall. https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1139536-firefox-xpcshell-being-a-pain/ Restarting the browser, or waiting for a few minutes "fixes" the problem temporarily.

Give them 1 field that's smart enough to do both use cases and you make it an easier experience.9) Tabs..... Firefox Adware Removal Tool I am pretty sure I said no to everything as this is not the first time I am installing Miro. Anybody who accepts that kind of thing has had a virtual lobotomy.Internet Explorer is and always will be for people who don't mind being manipulated by a giant mega-corp currently run glass Mozilla/Firefox Browsers 1 08-04-2011 05:35 AM Mozilla Firefox 4.0 causes problems?

Windows 10 Firefox Not Responding

Firefox does not have that problem in that it is the product of a software developer and not gateway to the revenue stream of a commercial tyrant pretending to be the https://support.mozilla.org/questions/988500 Have to restart it every time. 4) Pinned Tabs aren't remembered across sessions 5) Does not show as being active in Windows Taskbar EXTREMELY frustrated with this "performance refresh". Firefox Running Slow On Windows 10 One is pretty much like another. Firefox Windows 10 Issues And yes, Chrome would work fine with Firefox running in the background, just like I mentioned in my previous post.

While my desktop is a 4x core Phenom 2 w/ 4GB of RAM, my laptop that mostly sits around (as I have not needed to refresh it since I don't really Re: (Score:2, Insightful) by Volante3192 ( 953645 ) writes: You mean like how Chrome is currently at version 21? I have a minimalist Debian installation on it running Openbox, WICD, and Chrome - not much else, so that it keeps resources free for actually using it. Thanks again Thanks for the responses. Firefox Slow Windows 10 2016

I do think it's troubling that extensions can hide themselves, and I'm not sure why that is allowed. And yes, Chrome would work fine with Firefox running in the background, just like I mentioned in my previous post. I thought it was at some point, but it's definitely not. I had disabled all extension and added it one by one.

If you are unwilling to take our word for it, maybe Charles Krauthammer can convince you? Does Firefox Work On Windows 10 Nothing I can find. You can check here: orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced > Network mini-tab > "Settings" button The default is "Use system proxy settings" (adopts settings from IE);

and it works.

Currently the phishing and malware protection is limited to what Google is willing to provide and it does not provide the same list to Firefox users as it does to Chrome The author likely has a point there, but I think things are no longer as dire as he makes them out to be. But what the hell -- now they can claim "OMG, Firefox 13 uses less memories than Chrome!!11!". Firefox Not Compatible With Windows 10 My Outlook email (hotmail type) accounts are no longer secure (grey padlock with orange triangle).

For example, background updating of the user profile, an update service for windows, windows-specific UI, a plenty of others.I find it annoying that there's some versions bring almost no changes to There has been some discussion and finger-pointing, and it seems that the rapid release process has to take the blame this time. The sky doesn't fall in on anyone.The funny thing is, a few (most would say very minor) bugs in Chrome that really aggravate me have been there for well over a Look for "Shockwave Flash" and change "Always Activate" to "Ask to Activate".

I keep a number of applications pinned to the Windows taskbar which I have in auto-hide mode. Throwing away that memory every time you switch tabs means that all those images have to be re-decoded when you switch back. Then ''uncheck'' the box for "Enable Adobe Flash protected mode" and try that for a day to see whether it helps. It's just that switching browsers now isn't quite the radical thing it used to be.

This will delay Flash from starting on a page until you approve it. IE puts a tiny address bar next to the tab strip. Used by another process Just opening the 'About Mozille Firefox' cause a MAC cocmputer to immediately ugrade to most current version of ESR without clicking on the upgrade button.i Cannot make Check inside "Old Firefox Data" folder that Refresh adds to your desktop for a folder with a semi-randomized name.

The status bar on the lower left says "DONE" But no matter... sitefinder was one of the malwares Since I could not find it in my addons I had to use malwarebytes. YMMV esp. You can extract them later if you discover them missing, but to minimize contamination, please do not bulk copy those folders over.

I would make changes to the settings and open tabs and eventually minimize FF. This is dejavu.