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Can't click launch any shortcut

Dell XPS Restarts Over and Over With BSOD Between Each Restart

Sound skip/lag baaad need help!

user account changes = problems

Documents Star Menu Link Failing.

Slow running/freezing laptop/icons not operating

Windows 7 Upgrade Questions

Annoying file problem

Windows Crashes daily! Get same error message

Cannot load windows even if i do a fresh install


Frequent Crashes and error reports.

conime.exe - Legit Windows process or part of BFGhost malware?

stuck on the login screen

Windows Reinstallation Issues

Vista won't access data CD's

Weird toolbar problem I can't figure out.

search on the start menu.

XP after start uo error 0Xc000007b

Mysterious hardrive partitions

Error when trying to install windows

Popup Haven & Computer Shutdown

Which Services Can I Disable

Lots of install problems

Uncontrolled Scrolling - cDummy?


All games minimize to the desktop

Lost Icons on desktop and icon associations in Explorer

Has windows update screwed the way my images are viewed?

Hi Everyone! copy.exe problem

BSOD and App Crashing/Hanging

help on wifi adapter

BSOD and random system freezes

Sound volume randomly drops

help! no software or programs will open

Can't get my audio to work :(

Automatic Rebooting

Computer runs slow and audio skips and stutters

Win7 OEM System Builder License Question

Audio driver problem

0x124 BSOD

Help! Desktop/Explorer and System tray are gone

Windows 10 Backup

My Vista is crippled

System image using a lot of memory

Black rectangle under my taskbar!

Cant get audio to work.

Folders & Programs Won't Open

missing items from start

Restart and file corruption

norton 360 problem

Problems with Windows clock again

Drivers getting deleted

Roxio update manager

win Explorer and task manager Crashing

Taskbar is disabled for initial 2 minutes whenever I turn on Pc.

Running Windows 10 64bit edition

After update my computer died

New here and my computer is a mess

Start up order.

No icons or taskbar when started

Antivirus System Pro completely hijacked my pc

BSOD on Wake Up

Using non-original windows 7 im worried

reactivate windows

PSD Shell Extenstion (Problem!)

Connection Problems

Windows 10 No internet. (ethernet cable not recognized?)

Computer wakes itself up at 4:51 am

No USB mouse after wake up from sleep

Compatibility of Publisher 97 with Windows XP

Personal Desktop files GONE! [HELP!]

Spyware-Lagging Comp/Net

Help! Random BOSD Crash!

Cycling through a BSoD

non responsive xp

Extreme lag in windows

Explorer locks up on start up and shut down

Random XP Crash without restart

Win10 Upgrade and Migration to new PC

Windows 10 not recognizing wireless adapter?

Can't run applications or start anything

Acronis Messing Up Windows

Gaming PC boot time slower than 3 year old laptop

Downloaded SP2 now PC is freezing

Here's a workaround for Chrome crashes in Windows 10 build 10525 [Update]

Windows 10 Users Login without password?

Windows 10/computer slow

Desktop 'frozen'!

Windows 10 password

Windows 10 can't access Windows 8 shared folders

Can't open Windows Update or Desktop properties.

Windows 7 Writing to wrong partition

Reg: Double Desktop folder issue while installing skydrive

extremly slow for 10 minutes at startup then recovers?

tough virus

Computer has slowed quite a bit recently.

Create a recovery drive

Bridging a Wireless connection to a nic in same computer and dhcp info

I can't get my add or remove programs to open

Activation key(product key)

Connecting win 7 & win10 laptops.

How Come I Have To Start Windows Audio Manually? It Wont Work Automaticly

NTDLL.DLL problem. How to obtain valid copy? Unregistering by regsrv32 fails

Accidentally Disabled Front-Panel audio

Preventing the notification of any updates to the apps by Microsoft Store

Windows Restart Unexpectedly

Windows 7 64-bit: System Hanging/Freezing - no BSOD

Install Driver Manually - Mic Problem

Upgrade to Windows 10 and headphones stop working

Asian language appear in question marks

windos-privacy-protection.com adware/virus/trojan


PC keeps rebooting endless

windows doesn't minimize

Vista Sidebar has stopped working

start menu trying to load and dissappearing continuously

can't connect to internet after fixing other problem

Problem with Screen (probably gpu issues)

Couple Microsoft Errors(MOVED FROM WINDOWS)

Having trouble finding an ACHI driver

User account prob

Wireless adapter doesn't see avail. networks

windows system problem


BSOD a few minutes after startup

windows file error

How to introduce new mouse or keyboard to system without BSODs?

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