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Need RAID drivers to install Win 10

Account Types - Problem Fixing.

Instillation Troubles.

How do I clear the printer que?

Built in bluetooth adaptor not working

start up then won't go past blue screen

Problem in Supporting German Language by setting Greek as Regional Language

Video problems after system restore.

Slow boot issue

Admin problems

Unable to use extende Destop in Windows 10

AVG and Windows defender died

Having problems installing a programme on my windows 7 computer

Can't open or right-click image files

BCD update

system properties-advance-perfomance we need to touch someting?

Windows 10 weird fonts - on going issue

Theme in Windows 10 ?

seemingly un-solve-able xp sound issue

sound diver problem

strange keyboard problems after win 7 update

Windows Taskbar Issues ):

VERY sluggish everything

No auto start from DVD

can't defrag my drive

freezing / restarts Log help

Cannot load windows.

Can't find network

Start menu hangs and Shutdown/Hibernate hangs

PC Crashing

converting to windows 7

Memory / Program Shutdowns

Just updated to Windows 7

My pc freezes

How to activate Windows 10 on new hardware?

Losing Sound After Windows Update

turning down volumes doesn't mute sound

Win XP Pro SP2 Unlimited/increased connections fix?

Fresh Install (Major Bugs and Errors)

Skype Keeps Crashing on Launch

most of my programs will not work

Vista Advanced Start Menu Configuration (Right Side Only)

running very very slow.

windows desktop icons & keyboard not functioning properly.

Can't Open Add Or Remove Program

[Q] hibernation stress effect - all software windows or none?

Computer stuck in a restart loop

pro vs home

Problem with windows

RecoIving Windows Mail emails in Vista

cannot get to windows 7 desk top

Did microsoft security update cause my computer to crash?

windows taking long time to shutdown

howto install older printer

Botched windows update

Computer maxed out of RAM at startup

Taskbar will not appear

how setup window for many pc in 1 time

Sound driver issues?

Please Help! Can't install debugger in safe mode

Windows Explorer crash loop

Windows 10 rolled me back to Win 7

instalation problems

big problem with windows

User Account Missing

Computer keeps Freezing/Lagging.

Computer periodically freezes indefinitely

How Do I Skip The User Log On Screen?

BSOD overnight when I thought it was alseep

Add an imaging device doesn't work.

No programs work

Latest updates broke desktop and lost files?

Application fails to initialize (0xc0150004)

dvd to WMV;WMA;JPG help

Issue with Dell Laptop & Norton Utility

Laptop very slowww takes 25 minutes to restart

windows 10 tearing and text issue

Very long bootload

No RTM for Windows 10

BSOD- driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal

dual monitor -OS boot split over 2 monitors

Win Min and adware

need help trying to shut down computer

32/ntoskrnl missing

Unable to connect to Microsoft or McAfee sites

Internet connection problems since upgrading to Vista (again)


Window wont stay active

Skype BSOD

Latest windows update has prevented me opening gmail

Very Slow PC Shutdown

Advanced Options Menu ineffective

How can I stop Win 10 from resetting file associations to their choice?

System Recovery Critical Error

Cant run any application from the desktop

Audio Device problem

Windows style problems

Log on Freeze

XP crashes every time i log in to windows

PC sleeping and not able to turn back on after 2 minutes

Extra Buttons - Shopper Report - I cannot get this off my computer even with Hijack

CPU upgrade brings severe lag (moved from hardware & Linux Support)

Random deletion of programs

Startup and close down problems

Network Connection Problems

Computer crashing during video playback after upgrading to Win 10

computer wont sleep like before

Windows 10 RTM candidate build 10176 has been compiled -- sign off imminent

Dell Laptop: Not loading Windows.

comp freezing

Which windows

Icons on my desktop wouldn't work properly

Computer keep freeze/crash

Display large with resolution high

Sound lag (or distortion?) between songs/videos.

Massive pc issue

Programs wont stay open

Issue with closing system on Windows 10.

General PC sluggishness

0xc0150004 application error problem

IE deselects

Help please - Windows taking 10 minutes to load

Deleted Files In Regedit By Mistake

Windows 7 will not boot up after Windows 10 upgrade

recovering UND files

BSOD while using Bittorrent.

System Unexpected Freezing

upgrade illegal XP

Computer not waking after apparent sleep

BSOD in new build - 0X124 WHEA

Regedit is not working

Customizing desktop

GUI customization - Taskbar orientation

Still getting BSOD after malware removal [moved from security]

Multiple BSOD within the month with a fairly new Asus G55VW

Waking from sleep to 'Switch User'

Web Browsers keep resetting to proxy and Windows Firewall cannot start

Windows will not boot

Virtual machine running under W 10 ?

Winows not starting

too many start up processes?

Microsoft Update hijacked

Windows 10 Graphics issue

Screen changed size and comp running slow

System Freezes Often

Transferring a discontinued Windows update to a new CPU

DirextX 9 installation problem

0xc0150004 error

windows xp has become unresponsive

New installation of W10 takes up to 1.5 hours to boot.

Random sounds and search browser doesn't work correctly


Anti virus software just dissapears!?!

Screensaver problems

Too much unmoveable files

Firefox is being a pain

Should I reinstall windows? My system 32 seems to be screwed.

Antivirus Does Not Get Upgraded

Stubborn Malware.Won't Connect to Internet

Windows 10 Pro price and release date potentially leaked by Newegg

Programs Keep Closing Help Plz

Windows 10 - unable to play video

Windows 10 video issues

BSOD after Sleep mode.

windows explorer flickering

nero reinstall problems

Pixelization/ fuzziness on ONE computer and ONE browser (I.E. 6 and 7)

Post Windows 10 Upgrade

Username not showing up at login screen in safe mode

First I had Vista Antispyware Virus and now I can't open anything?

All files are opening slow

cant get into windows

Windows Xp Wont load. "Black Screen"

Need some help printing

Want to go back to "Administrator" user account

i just got this crap computer and the sound is missing

My laptop wont boot after a updating

Privalages on windows Vista]resolved]

Windows 8 nothing but problems.

slow pc and no microsoft updates

Error after upgrading

BSOD After Upgrade

New Problem - Vista Refuses to Boot

.exe chngd to .ink can't run reg files

Can't stay on a page (Stealing Focus)

Corrupted system.sys.and another problem

Help! Think I just destroyed my computer!

How can I get rid of all the Apple crap on my PC.

Installation issue

Weird Scheduled Tasks found

no taskbar or start menu

XP boot error:ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt or missing

Window's programs not running

Desktop Shortcuts Won't Display Properly

1 machine with 2 login method

Computer rebooting - please help!

Email Virus [need help with Recovery Disc]

Activesync 4.5 Problems

Taskbar is flashing

Regedit doesn't work

My PC restarting to much Help!

XP Professional Log In Screen Locks Up

Laptop slow and won't run most programs after reinstalling win 7

setting up windows/hardware for optimal performance

recent choppy performance

How to IMport user settings from one account to another?

Autorun not loading CD's

2nd thread no reply please help 'PC freezing'

Operating system error - how to remove documents before restoring to factory settings

Taskbar freze

Can't shut down only restart

CCleaner not working correctly

Login window: can't login

Okidata Printer and XP

Super Lag and slow

Windows Live Messenger installer cant find my internet connection - please help!

Windows Update made my softwares unstable

Having "User Account" problem after System Repair

Windows 10 Start menu turns transparent in new leaked build

USB 2.0 drivers system message

Task scheduler -play video from stand by

System Administrator and changing Start up menu

XP Pro / ntoskrnl.exe issue

BSOD ntoskrnl and others

Win10 upgrade

Win10 Will not boot at all

trial version of windows vista now need a product key

Windows too small

games/programs wont open on my pc

BSOD Windows 8.1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error - 0x000000d1

Windows Vista/7 numerous BSOD

Slow startup and login and overall slow pc

Curious case - New computer running very slow even after system restore.

Username Disappeared At Login

Reinstalling OS to change display language

Windows Any Better?

Computer BSOD randomly

Help requested-Computer running incredible slow at times

Images keep turning off/keep getting logged out

Desktop and icons flashing on and off!

Have y?all figured out Windows 10 yet?

Keyboard & Mouse Issues

first upgrade issue - big problem

Help!No taskbar or anything

Cannot see bluetooth adapter

How to prevent windows 7 to uprgade windows 10

Lan Connection Problem

On-board Ethernet Adapter Driver Doesn't Work

PC won't reboot-Stuck in Endless Loop

Hardware List for my 16 computers: 10 x Win7

Downloading Updates

Restricting Users

Strange Problem regarding IE and Windows Update

Huge problems with my computer

Bluetooth audio choppy in Win 7.

why am i having problems opening different programs?

headset mic not found

Connection network problems

my product key won't work after upgrades?

random BSOD and freezes

Could not get start button & desktop after start up

Upgraded to Windows 10 - Not Very Happy

Windows Vista installation interrupted and won't complete

Random & Frequent Freezing

Help with CoD 4 Install

in MyComputer - Changing OTHER PLACES

Stopping a Windows Update

Keyboard & Icons disabled

stop 0x00000101 error advice

Preventing Windows from Upgrading to 10

Mail app with Windows 10

Can not load windows

Freezing up of only a certain folder

How Off Auto Update in Windows 10 OS ?

windows 10 network issues

Computer very slow and shuts down randomly

Task bar and desktop icons come and go every few seconds!

Win 10 cant install

blue screen crash/ unable to boot computer

Windows doesnt boot unless.

Change the dual boot option screen.

2 issues: password not recognized and numbers appear instead of text

Crashes when explorer is run

system recovery discs

Programs don't work on reboot

Re: Can't boot

System Slow (only have a few days with the PC)

Weird problem with Display Properties

Do not want 10

restored but programs not working?Reinstall?

computer crash aftermath promblems

Problem with TEMP files PLEASE HELP

User Agreement window shows three quarters

Several weird issues with XP 64Bit

Security Center Pop-Up

Lagged desktop

Windows build relevant?

Massive problems with IE on new computer

Startup Programmes not starting

My Laptop stuck when turn on.

Administrator Rights Lost or Trojan Backdoor itoa

How to refresh Windows Bloat without reformat ?

Problems Printing in Win10

administrator PROB

antivirus shuts off and won't update and strange icon activity.

Trojan horse tk58.exe keeps coming back - occasional unwanted pop-up

computer crashing last couple of days

Exlcude Folder from Windows search

Upgraded to W10. Right click now takes 20 seconds

Programs/Applications not loading

Windows Failing to Boot

Blue dots freeze at startup

white patches on blue screen

Trouble with clean install

Win. Explorer crashing in 1 folder only!

New Build Constant Crashes/ Monitor Issue?

Display adaptor Missing from Device Manager multiple blue screen crashes

HELP! Not so random BSOD

very slow start up and can"t stay online!

My icons all disappeared and went blank.

No headphone sound+ won't recognize USB

AVE Malware Can't open programs/files

want to update windows in general account with no password

BSOD stop message * STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005. Help plz? THANK YOU!

Laptop display black after pressing certain keystroke.

usbport.sys problem still

XP won't play MPG's

machine takes reboot abnormally

Taskbar problems

SFC errors after Windows 10 Pro update

I am being abused by offer optimizer

Laptop.WLan missing & Vundo Found

User accounts can't work

usually fast file save (download) now extreamly slow

Computer won't shut off!

BSOD and Frequent Freezes

System tray flashes black

Cannot open downloaded programs

Acer Aspire 9410 Runs very slow and all audio stuters

Startup progs sometimes not loading

Laptop sleep issue

Old bios incompatible with winxp?

Programs Disappearing/automatically uninstalling themselves - continually

text not crisp and sharp after format

help! have a problem with my windows

Opening Video Folder

Different BSOD messages

Add/Remove Program won't work

Help with sharing Vista with XP

Win 10 File Explorer Colors

not bsod but freeze/hangs

Task bar and Startup menu are empty/blank - NEED HELP

Random freezing problem

Proc runs 100% after startup for a long time

Computer loads for 30 minutes at startup

off centre/double screen problem

taskbar wont stay as it is

Defragmentor keeps reseting and other lag.

18 min boot time

Black Window Popping Up on Desktop

Cannot switch between users

Internet Connection/Windows Updates

Vista problem(want to log on XP instantly)

Windows 10 updated again

Is there a way to automatically restart disabled services?

Disk partition resizing?

Some program windows open oversized.

can't sign in on two different profiles win7

programs lost

I dont know whats next on the blue screen! Help!

Ridiculous annoying problems after updates

Desktop and Explorer don't work

Problem detecting speakers

Randoms BSODs

Very slow running PC with 100% of memory used

0xc0000006 Error Message Please Help!

can not boot onto windows

Registry Issue

desktop being reset

My computer just stop working at times and dont let me open programs

Winhlp32.exe help needed

Computer loads normally

System memory is utilised full despite nothing showing up in Taskmanager

Freeze/Blue Screen

auto update issue

nero 7 power calibration error

I can't find microsoft publisher

reader_s.exe(unable to log on XP)

Driver Installation Fails: Automatically Reboots

screen saver issue?

Explorer.exe hangs when changing resolution after using maximized programs

[resolved]Flashing screen

Screen flashes

Printer driver issue - can not reinstall printer driver.

sound dosnt work [very frustrated]

sluggish performance

Frequently many programs and windows open on their own

problem with .mpeg and .mpg files.

Most of my icons images are broken :(

Windows 10 Security problems

Problems opening any folder

Windows mail (sending)

OS install on new HDD. do I have to buy Vista again?

Watch the Programs and Features Disappear?

Registry Issues; now Windows won't boot again!

Driver Installs Don't Work?

Lagging videos.

BSOD after sleep

Task bar icons always different

Could this 10-port usb hub be matched with my Toshiba Win7?

no sound after format

cannot remove input language

Windows being deselcted

Clean Install Issue

Audio Capture - "What U Hear"

Slow performance

Unable to boot windows


Problems with wireless network adapter - Arrrgghh!

LG Blue Ray not recognized in windows

Computer wont to go to stand by

Programs won't start

Desktop/settings reset on update

how to create an exception in windows mfirewall w10

no administrator rights

My laptop wont sleep

Slow Bootup Then Fast Bootup

Audio Stutter problem

iTunes will not install

Error in installing windows

Incomplete Install & Forced Shutdown--Now cannot use most of my software

Cant setup home Network

MSI Screensaver Error

Windows 10: Connected to Wireless network

the desk shorcut dont work

Computer restarts on Registry scan

turning off monitor during playing audio

Question or fix for Ventrillo on Vista

Boot critical file corrupt - Win 7 starter

Printer download Problems

Computer randomly locking up and getting spikes of 100% cpu usage

Belkin Wireless USB adapter permanently disabled after Malware

Fresh install problems

problems before login screen appears

Games keep minimizing

Anoying folder bug

Multiple Windows?

Windows freezes during setup.really need advice

Kerip PF crashing WinME?

Computer Keeps Rebooting when I run Virus Scan - Follow-Up Post

Problems opening programs

Systray Icons Disappear and Reappear

Windows 8 fails to boot after most recent update. Intermittent flashing screen.

Memory Crash? Windows Freezes

Can I activated Windows 7 with a Windows 10 key?

Problem resetting folder type

crashed and now it won't start windows

I cant manage my webcam! Help

pls help me with bsod

windows 10 blue screen - keeps crashing

Installation Problems!

Continuous Spyware after constant scans and removal

Computer Keeps Rebooting when I run Virus Scan

Computer will not load windows

Resolution Problems

Windows Will not Boot up

Help! Programs freeze after latest patches

Blank Icons on Taskbar

Help with rapir install and or reinstall

Vista Installation Issue (OEM Preinstall kit)

No sound after update.

PC wont go into sleep mode

IE8 - Windows password?

Various BSOD's

My Computer won't pass the Dell startup page

Local area network connection issues.

something is consuming my bandwidth[moved from xp]

Computer keeps waking itself up

Start button / Quick launch buttons / Task bar Buttons - Problem

I downloaded google chrome and updated iTunes and now nothing works?

hi im new to this can someone plz check log below pc running slow

All Custom Settings Reset Themselves on Reboot

Lost admin rights windows 7/64 bits

skype crash/windows reboots instead of loading

pc hangs at shutdown.

problem not opening window

Various Windows Problems

Windows Vista unable to boot at all

How to identify and stop programs that slow browsing?

Upgrading From XP To Windows 8 Professional: Will I Lose Any Installed Apps?

Windows Vista - Broken Registery

Thumbnail Folders

Even though i know better. i installed wrong drivers.

Networkd card/ Services problem

I am having major trouble with my laptop

Several problems after reinstalling Windows 10

How to creat bootable recovery disc with the contents of recovery drive

several problem with my windows

Screen flashes when I press the V key.

System Restore Win 10

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