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Please Help With My Software Question.


Yes. Rebooting doesn't restart the clock, but powering down overnight does. Supporting the OSI How can I support the OSI? What is the public domain?

For more detailed information about how CC licenses apply to data and databases, visit our detailed Data FAQ. Why should I use the latest version of the Creative Commons licenses? Don't be dismayed at the idea of having to pay for a bit of help! Spelling "you" as "u" makes you look like a semi-literate boob to save two entire keystrokes.


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; when you make a claim like this one, you must back it up with clear and exhaustive documentation of the failure case.Q:I'm having problems installing Linux Finally, one of the best ways to support CC is by supporting our causes yourself. Can I include a work licensed with CC BY in a Wikipedia article even though they use a CC BY-SA license? I love Creative Commons.

Stack Overflow is for professional and enthusiast programmers, people who write code because they love it. Fired by an Intoxicated Boss Display OEIS sequences How is this sorting algorithm Θ(n³) and not Θ(n²)? The individual developer (especially if he's the project leader) may be too busy to answer your questions.Most mailing lists are archived and the archives are indexed by search engines. English Deutsch Français 日本語 0 Items 0 My Account Sign In Sign in My Account Sign Out Submit a ticket View your ticket(s) Sign in to chat Need help?

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the It may help you learn what you need to solve the problem on your own — and even when it doesn't, hackers like to see that you have tried. How does the treatment of sui generis database rights vary in prior versions of CC licenses? Open source licenses do not discriminate against fields of endeavor.

The level of help OIT-Camden staff can provide will depend on the software package and the complexity of the question. The internationally recognized Open Source Definition provides ten criteria that must be met for any software license, and the software distributed under that license, to be labeled "Open Source software." Only Someone is violating a copyleft license, for example by refusing to give me source code when they are required to. May I apply a CC license to my work if it incorporates material used under fair use or another exception or limitation to copyright?


Contributor agreements are not open source licenses — rather, they are a way for the contributor to tell the project that it has the right to distribute the new contributions under the project's share edited Jan 12 '13 at 18:43 Hubert Kario 5,04722058 answered Dec 22 '10 at 19:07 sysadmin1138♦ 101k14124255 add a comment| up vote 41 down vote One of my duties used Obs share answered Dec 22 '10 at 18:08 Ben Pilbrow 11.1k42654 RedHat will gladly point you to your local regional reseller. To locate the Base Registered Version number, select Help > About from within the application.

CH001763 How to view which programs are installed on a computer. CH001633 How to logout of a computer. Creative Commons licenses provide an easy way to manage the copyright terms that attach automatically to all creative material under copyright. In particular, we throw away questions from people who appear to be losers in order to spend our question-answering time more efficiently, on winners.If you find this attitude obnoxious, condescending, or

Can I install on 2 machines? Not all forums even allow separate subject lines on replies, and nearly nobody reads them when they do. English U.S. there doesnt seem to be a recovery partition on the drive either.

When copyright expires, the work enters the public domain, and the rights holder can no longer stop others from engaging in those activities under copyright, with the exception of moral rights There is also specialized information available on the following pages: Marking practices for creators Marking practices for reusers Data FAQ Differences between CC license versions Differences between jurisdiction ports of earlier Technical Questions How do Creative Commons licenses and public domain tools work technically?

Is that Open Source?

He/she has exhibited problem-solving intelligence rather than passively waiting for an answer to drop from on high.In the last question, notice the subtle but important difference between demanding “Give me an OS Computer operating systems questions and answers. It may not cover important issues that affect you. Make sure to post a log and/or crash dump -- HOWTO Jim, Oct 9, 2012 0 207,705 Jim Oct 9, 2012 Question / Help Microphone not working in obs gonatspie, Jan

Is this specific to Fooware video chipsets? All rights reserved. It's an illustration of the problem; just enough code to exhibit the undesirable behavior and no more. What constitutes a “substantial portion” of a database?