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Javascript No Longer Working.


While it's set to true, websites like http://www.javatester.org/javascript.html respond with "JavaScript IS NOT WORKING in your web browser". The headfake here is that, when we did the assignment var whoAmI = obj.whoAmI;, the new variable whoAmI was being defined in the global namespace. Since a lot of the Mozilla website is JavaScript, I'm posting this through Chrome. If both functions defined inside replaceThing actually used priorThing, it would be important that they both get the same object, even if priorThing gets assigned to over and over, so both http://cgmguide.com/not-working/netflix-javascript-blocked.php

For example: var div = document.getElementsByTagName("my_div"); var fragment = document.createDocumentFragment(); for (var e = 0; e < elems.length; e++) { // elems previously set to list of elements fragment.appendChild(elems[e]); } div.appendChild(fragment.cloneNode(true)); A language that needs '===' as well as '==' really has a problem! Birla Goa Campus Sports Festival rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="teaser.css" />