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There is no sound on videos through internet on the computer!

.No sound.

Browser sound problem.

No sound on the Internet ! ? help please.

No sound in flash.

some game audio not working

My computer has no sound

no system sounds (ie -- modem?)

no dvd volume in WMP

Graphics/Sound Problems

Trouble with sound [RESOLVED]

My Sound doesn't work

Getting no Sound through HDMI

Have Sound

No sound in games in Vista Home Premium

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ACER 5710G - No sound Please help!

Sound Not Working! Help!

no sound in browser

No sound in yahoo chat

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Graphics and sound driver problems

No Sound Icon? No Sound Card?

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Sound stops working

No sound in some places

No Flash Audio.

Virus? - No volume

No sound on computer

no sound in vista

no sound anymore- PLEASE HELP!

No sound from speakers or headphone jack

Sound doesn't work on my computer.

lost internet sound

No Sound Despite Signs to Contrary

No Sound on youtube

Sound Help?

No sound coming from computer :S

Problem wth no sound

I can't play any videos and have lost sound

no sound online

Sound Devices Not Working

Laptop sound suddenly gone.

No Sound with new headphones.

No sound at web pages.

windows 10 muting out sound on google chrome

no sound in Windows 7 Beta

sound trouble

I have: No sound

No sound in speakers when using Window media player

[RESOLVED] HELP ! Sound card and VGA driver

help with sound when playing a DVD

Help sound problem in chrome !

No sound from laptop

No to all suddenly not working

No audio in Firefox or IE

Sound problem while playing DVD

Can't get any sound to come out.

problem with sound card

No sound after reformatting dell desktop

Sound problem when watching videos on Youtube

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