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Help me and my computer please!

My Computer is Completely Inoperable

Does my computer need anything fixed?

How Do I Know Whats Wrong With My Computer?

help my computer is.


My computer no longer works at all in the slightest

My Computer is running slow while online

something is rong whith my computer

Computer keeps downloading something

I tried downloading something and now all my programs do the same thing!

My computer is lagging randomly and running slow!

I was Informed to post my computer problems here

My computer is rebelling

My computer used to run games just fine.

Random crashing and computer not shutting down

Computer can't POST on a daily basis.

Computer being reset mysteriously

Computer erratic

I need help! My computer seems to be running slow?

Please help I think someone hacked my computer

Dell PC randomly plays music

something has a hold of my PC!?

My computer isn't well

april 26th virus Hit my computer help

My Computer is Haunted

I've Screwed Over My Computer/Internet and mainly the Services

Someone has taken over my computer

Can someone Hijack this for me?

My computer freezes alot

my computer has a virus thats slowing my laptop way down

Ex had access to my computer

My computer is a SPAM BOT

My Computer is laggish and slower than usual.

Spyware slowing my computer help!

Please help me to repair my computer !

my computer is going slow

Virus \ Hacker in my computer? please help!

The Letter "Q" Is Killing My Computer

my computer slows down (help)

my computer says im missing files and wont load

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