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Can't delete .exe files

run programs to sort out cybersecurity

Very Slow Wireless Connection

Restrict PowerPoint slides by date

Q about installing Win7 upgrades w/ one old OS

How to Allow Restarting Windows Services Without Giving Them Admin Rights

Enabling wireless networking on desktop 7 install.

Suspect Virus at startup?

How to obtain a bootable Windows CD and install.

W 7 Ult Change Operating System Language

Uninstalled Linux

Something adware/virus causing problems

Whats the problem with popups

virus or malware removal lead to a disabled xp firewall - is there some virus left?

Setting up my new comp with windows

connecting to a printer

Connected to wireless network

Finally rid of WinFix? Log inside!

Change Language form english to german

Program Files of programs I no longer have

Virus that can not be deleted help please.

I think I have a keylogger/RAT

Coping files and folders from Windows XP to Vista

Problems with my PC: The Phantom Messages

Sharing a drive on a network help

Opening an html document (video)

Google Re-direct

how to open that file?

Backing up and restoring outlook 2007

help comp is loaded with trojans/malware

How to enable S-Video output?

My system may be sacked.can someone check?

my computer is accually too fast

virus that cancel out my antivirus programs

External disc folders dispay as shortcuts

is this spyware i ahve in my computer

Is there a way to trace when a removable drive was last accessed on a specific pc?

Locked Out of My System

help stubborn spyware

can't get rid of adware popups

Slide Show CD

Virus or spyware problem :(

Friends laptop has a lot of viruses/malware

my drive is locked

unwanted access of my pc by remote user

possible trojans/malware - no net connection[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]

how to drag pictures on to paint

Security Tool virus and Safe Mode problem

Quick new-pc setup question

Spouse/key logger

Help me clean up my computer!

Multiple use of operating system

opening programs

Trojan and possibly rootkit - please help

How Do I Send Multiple Emails?

Major Spyware Problem

Reformating Windows Vista

Built in mic recording is very staticy

pages open small

Dual OS

How to import a font into Vista

Help my bosses pc is stresing me out

Suspected Virus! HELP

Corrupted Drive?

Malware Infection - Computer Will Not Run Any Programs

friend's computer is not working

How to stop applications from sending webpages to IE

merging 2 drives in vista

How to open the VHD without using Virtual PC

Need keylogger install help.

Help Installing a Internal DVD±R/±RW drive

Auto Ad Pop-Ups (IE & Firefox)

Random CHKDSK?

Transferring data from a desktop to a netbook

Help! I can't delete corrupt files from Registry Editor. It keeps coming back! HELP

how to create setup file.

deleting specific browsing addresses

Malwarebytes Problem - Used to Get Rid of Antivirus 2009

HD videos lagg

Sneaky Virus disables Control Panel and more

HELP! Windows no keyboard or mouse cursor able use!

Can't burn files

[MOVED] Lappy

spyware problem

Possible to have 2 OSes on one computer?

how to remove BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.Dropper

System clean?

Virus/Trojan will not go away! Please help!

COPIED Prog. to disk Now can't install or copy to computer

Changing RAM

Nothing can detect this Bug

I think I have a virus that is messing with lots of files

Increasing the size of c:drive

Im loosing control bit a bit with spywere

Setting up a new computer

Can I install XP Pro after I "zero-out" the drive?

Virus/Trojans/Adware just won't go away!

CPU usuage increase

Add additional password to PC?

Cannot create new logical drive

my computer is said to be infected !

I'm worried I have a keylogger or something.

Cannot extract rar files

Popups getting very annoying

ram vm settings

XP RAM Issues

PC which infected tena_79's pc

Duel Boot three OS's

Please anyones thoughts on this. Id like to improve my computers performance. wut

Freezing video streams and buffer problems

Sending out mass emails

Connecting to the internet?

How many ways can you reformat?

software for stop the downloading

my cursor

Audio to TV thru hdmi cable

a (*) appears when pasting anywhere

How Do You Force Yourself Into Dos to Run an XP Disk?

PC full of viruses

Annoying IE Pop-up

Problem replacing system32 file

Spell check stopped working (word 2007)

Wiping a HDD before selling it

my p.c. have gotten some virus.

Rootkits infection

Can't find this keylogger

advice on keylogger

Windows Vista Virus

XP Home Firewall Disabled

Mysearch.com has hijacked Window 10

How can I play sound files over a chat session?

I KNOW I have a virus!

How to access and type into a PDF file

Typing Japanese Symbols

Backup drive (D).

Screen Plays Half Way

Help! Find out the way

nowfind.biz -please help me get rid of it!

Help mp3 burn

Infected with malware! Help!

Having Popup Issues

how to exposure a hidden folder

Is this a malware Problem?

Toins of pop ups

Disable or set VNC Service to Manual on multiple networked computers

Backing up files.

Getting popups

Computer Infection! Help!

.dll faults

Need To Add New Web Browser--Suggestions Please

please check my pc virus[moved from Gen Security]

how to make gadgets smaller while NOT on sidebar

Need help! Autostarting webpage

Logging into web administrator

How do I change my display settings to be high colour (16 bit) on windows 7?

Spam pop-up

router for printer. And two tablets?

Potential Virus and Other Problems

Can't remove infection

screen opens small window

Can't start my HP laptop after it hibernated

Making all the text as dark as possible on the whole PC.

help! my computer is infected!

Possible virus/malware infection

All of my anti-spyware is disabled

Here is my log; Thanks! I keep getting popups

Restricted Sites

PC getting real slow - badly infected

dll errors

I have some malware problems

Popups When Not Online?!?!

Search engines do not display/disabled

transfer files using command prompt

computer runs slow.suspect malware and virus

PC seems infected

To all: How to stop spyware

Ad programs alll over the place!

IE7 username drop down boxes

How to enable EMS?

Cannot Delete Internet Download Manager

iexplore kill?

built in webcam

help! computer wont boot up and reformat!

Virus on an Acer inspire one netbook

Keep my operating system with new computer?

Virus/Malware creating links and popups

Slow computer/virus/malware issues. Please help.

Problems with trojan I think.

*Mirar* Refuses to Uninstall & my laptop is acting up *Badly*

Website Addresses Wont Go Away

Need help with XP after virus removal.

comp switching user accounts

increase net speed

Help me get rid of spyware!

Remove I-Search Toolbar?

Inbox mail sorting.

smap how to delete my micrsoft outlook mail

(Win 7) access my Internet Explorer 9 favorites from a folder on my external USB f-dr

Transfer Favorites

Restoring Backup

favorite option pop up

Infected without a Cure

Open File With

laptop does not wake from sleep / hibernate

Help to get rid this Folder

2 Operating Systems

How to uninstall IE?

Ethernet Adaptor Broken

Eating Up Bandwidth

Boot from Disc

How to restore my favorites files in IE 9

adding more memory

Best way to achieve max performance?

unwanted icons

HELP! Computer crashed and I now get an error message saying

Creating a program in VBscript for XP

Is it possible to record freeview on a VCR?

My search engines were hiacked

Get Rid of Vista on The Computer

i went through another process before finding this.

how to take backup using Norton Ghost

Add a hard drive to SATA

connecting a digital camcorder to your pc

Need Help Getting Rid of Adware

Serious Malware Infection

Unwanted Adware

How can I change the administrator

Help: My system has spyware.

laptop wireless

I think my PC's infected. Please take a look.

sharing of printer

fresh install of xp but missing drivers

Deleting a Log in name

Computer Cleanup

Adware Popups

Annoying PopUps for Vista Security 2012

Dual xp one needs removed

Internet explorer searches redirecting

Help! I Can't Unblock A Site.

Help I think I still have keylogger & virus!

cant defrag or get into computer managment

computer upgrade

searching for ethernet controller driver

trying to cleanup computer

sign on as administrator How do I

Laptop not booting correctly from sleep/hibernate

Removing linux partitions and claiming the space for Windows

infected file

Unknown program tries to install

Persistent popups

Internet not working after malware removal - system/registry/setting damage suspected

RE: How To Delete WLM Accounts From The Computer?

Laptop majorly infected?

Way OT: How to change gmail "From:" field

win 7 remove passwords and profiles

how to change language.

Formatting a laptop

constant ads for malware software

Please help me determine the spyware on my computer that is messingwithmyaudio!

I need help i think my computer broke

Bad virus that I cannot detect

Transfering to new laptop

Mal/Spyware MAJOR Problem. SOS!

reboot an spyware infected computer

Switch IE 8 back?

(My) System Is Infected! Spyware

Virus on Computer wont allow me to delete 11 infected files on computer.PLZ HELP!

how can i access to other users documents?

Combining Partitions?

Burning cds in itunes

Dual Monitor Function

how to block?

Please help get rid of popups!

How to Move HJT to C:/

Spyware Infection HELP!

Auto Login with hotmail and password

XP/Ubuntu Reformatting Dilemna

Malware/Spyware problem - internet connectivity/browser links open different web page

i think i have malware

Too slow for a clean Pc

Home-made virus attacks---how do you get rid of them?

two OS on the same pc

Can't Change UserName in WinXP Pro

Facing regular disconnection

Computer is running slow and zedo ads keep popping up

removal of virus

problem in reinstalling OS

Computer infected!

XP Downgrade

Slow PC - Need Malware Help Please!

Google search (US-default)

How to keep Yahoo from stealing focus when opening a new tab

Internet Tethering

Safely Restarting Copying Files

Virus problem - help!

Need Backed Up Files on WD Passport after Reinstall of OS

printing from wireless laptop

9 spyware/keylogger can't correct this. Can you?

Recover Data in Unallocated Partition

Malware/Virus problem that started with System Fix

Website are too small

Malware redirecting to advertisements and popups

Put My Computer On DVD

Access Tally Files From Other PC

cannot access 4shared

Challenging Virus/Malware After-effects

flashgot + wget to exclude .html?


xlime problems

Experiencing abnormal computer speed/performance. Virus suspected-Please HELP!

Virus attacked my YM. Please help.

Burning a dvd movie

Random Pop-ups and Sites Wont load

Pleas Help. new internet pages opening on thie own

how toi reboot toshoba labtop

Malware caused BSOD within seconds of desktop load

How do I get certain programs to not run all the time

Resetting to factory settings for sale

my yahoo is banned

The elitum.elitebar that just wont quit.

Clean Registry Entirly

Custom avatar on TSF

How to just start computer without logging in with a user

how to create copy protection DVD.

help with adware

running a batch file from Windows?

How to run applion dmg. on a windows vitualbox/vmware?

need some help with adware

laptop - unable to setup as wireless

malware/adware/reg key issues/pop ups.

Not Sure if this is the right category but my comp has a huge problem with pop-ups

Trojan.Vundo + Pop-ups from - I did the steps! Next Move?

Formatting a dvd

Changing memory usage

Invisible programs opening and closing

Hidden / invisible folder or files

Infected by malware

Can't reformat Vista using partition

need to know if my pc is clean from any virus

Data is saved on SSD instead of HD.

Unable to login to XP after trojan removal.

Need some help recovering from Malware

Infinite popup malware and recurring winlogonhook etc

Adding RAM to Gateway 500GR tower

how to delete multi Operating System

Switched from vista to xp

can i burn a cd/dvd while i'm defrgmenting a partition from where a want to burn data

outlook can not "see" files in my computer

Annoying advertisements and search redirects

Trouble with My Wireless Connection

pls. help me. how to block site in mozilla?

How to remove pop - up menu when clearing private data?

Need help to set up ms excel page to take a full print out

how to eliminate 'res:C:\\WINNT\system32\shdoclc.dll/navcancl from my IE home page

Probable Malware. help required!

access Bios settings

How to rebuild default icons.

weird second Chrome window

How to view a binary file as an array of ones and zeroes

.dll file error

Toolbars have become smaller

Slow computer likely infected.please help


Ultimate Cleaner Popups

how to detect ram problems and stablise vista from zdnet

How do I delete Kollah virus from my computer?

Check what version usb

desktop wipe out!

how to stop being booted from chatroom

external laptop monitor

closing ports?

Some help needed with downloads

how to remove this screen?

Abort shutdown or log-off

Newbie Question reformat drive and reload XP

Boot Restart

laptop keep crashing after system recovery

computer horribly infected

everything on PC is copy/write-protected and cant undo it!

Hotmail sends mail to adress list.

again & again windows corrupt

Antivirus program related Pop-ups and IE problems

Possible keylogger problem.

downloads.mcafee.com blocked

W7 problems copying an audio CD & importing from CD

Help spyware detected

Lots of popups. Help!

Do I trust them

PC Blocking Ports

Please help . . . I lost all my data

Extremely Urgent and Difficult to Solve Problem.Cannot Delete Bad File!

Possible Spyware on Laptop

Memory stick with a virus

hooking printer to laptop

hybernation problem

help! ads keep poping up!

something blocking programs

Unwanted browser windows

how can i unlock a dell inspiron? (notebook)

need help getting rid malaware/spyware

Trouble Getting Rid of Dialer.Trojan in winkve32.dll - please help

reformatting xp home

Windows start up

programme not closing-just freezing

file infected

How to make Windows XP load right into Windows

unschedual a Check disk

Browsing and Streaming video problems

badly infected computer

Google redirects me to another link

FPS problems

i need help please - i have a maleware problem (or atleast i this what i thi

How to simplify switch from MSN version 6 to 9.6

cd-writer problem

instalation problem (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

Vista not using all my RAM?

need help with XP formatting

how to turn off auto connections

XP will not install after Linux/Wipedisk

Programmes Corrupted

Repairing hard drive.

Cannot Bring Up Pictures on Forums

How can I make this comp move faster?

Might be Malware or something on the same lines of it.

Popup adverts Adultfriends etc. also mouse problems

Remove every thing from my computer

automaticallly starting too many programs

21 CDs to make RECOVERY disks? SERIOUSLY?

Having troble with malware

Limiting Internet

Motherboard died

Help with a virus

Duplicate XP installations

printing over a network

how to delite veiwed website from the system

PLEASE HELP Need help with fixing corrupt ram.


Windows XP Pro copies file

Hacker hidden on computer

Uninstall a Program (LMCC)

cannot remove home search web site

Spyware and Trojans that will not die.

Weird symptoms on my computer again.

Can't remove spyware or trojan

General malware problems. Log inside.

Processes & some programs aren't working

Big problem reinstalling!

custom signature OE6

All the icons are selected on screen

new page pops up

Multiple Dislay nightmare after laptop meltdown

cleaning out spyware

How do I find out the USB name?

password for CD

Only Admin and Limited user types in XP PRO

How to unlink files from opening webpages?

is someone remotely accessing my computer?

Too many viruses to choose from.

background running

IE7 pops up ads when any browser is run

bios upgrade

Problems with Win XP on HP laptop

Help! I think I have a virus

Proxy Setup

Windows 7 still in boot menu.

Games need opening twice to start

annoying peice of malware

Changed screen res settings to TV via HDMI

Duplicate OS Removal

Various problems:malware

Problems with speed and connectivity

Backing up a computer unable to boot

changing file creation date

How to get a new OS?

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