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How to search bulk of user names in bulk of flat files easily?

computer heavily infected

How to lock the drive

Stopping Automatic Downloads [RESOLVED]

Slow loading IE & Popup Spam -

how to use two monitor at the same time

Possible Malware or Virus On PC - Posted at instruction

Problems when streaming

Low Framerate

constant popups.

Reformatted computer

Computer software reset

Virus and Malware Problems

sucure your pc malware

Help with installing AVG please

Spyware - IE7 and Firefox are not browsing and random pop-ups

Help with dvd burning

USB Netbook Reboot.


csrss.exe virus help Pleaaaase!

got a virus and etc.

Computer issues after virus removal

Can't use hardware virtualization on Satellite

making windows smaller.is there any way?

Creating a partition for Windows 7?

Do multiple things at once with Windows 10

Erase PC Memory

Can't boot windows & help copying files

Several Scans

Installed fresh copy of xp on hp a1720n cant go online now

Disabling uninstallation of a program?

Volume Leveling While Editing Video

How to Uninstall Win2k and install XP on an existing system

Laptop and wifi

Malware hiding on my computer

Color Coded Filenames

Very slow. Strange pop ups

Reformatted with XP instead of Vista

Virus - Malware Infection!

My PC may have malware

Can connect to router interface

Ipod advice

Possible spyware/malware unwanted ad's

Problem: Popups

Help.malware problem i think

Lost Files In Recovery D: Drive

Disabled anti-malware progs

Windows XP Ram Issue!

Static buildup? Can i fix it?

Bypass Logon screen

What is it and how do I kill it?

HELP! Screen is different colour than real image

HELP! i have a virus

IE 7 Cookies Problem

Possibly malware problem

Please Help me clean the Malware in my system!

Format in Vista

How set the default player on the OPEN menu

transferring files to usb

Bluetooth Internet

Virus. need help

im a fool with my .dll files.

cam help with win 7

Everything I download turned out to be corrupted

HELP! Problems getting any virus/trojan/spyware to download and run

help i´ve got problem with a virus!

making multiboot DVD (xp & 7)

Connect Two PCs to Increase Overall Performance?

windows vista icons are being covered up.

How to reformat?

Flash drive Automatically Opens.

How to bbot from my old system folder ?

Virus/malware help

Need help removing a virus.

Endless pop-ups & IE 7 tabs

Unencrypt Outlook email?

computer running slow - maybe spyware?

I need help on restoring my Computer's Hard Drive

Saving E-mail

Please help with my Spyware problems

Links are being redirected

Stuck in Fullscreen

Windows 10 Not Saving Firewall Exeptions

need help to remove virus(es)

c00002a;now two os-home and pro-installed

show the power of your graphics card?

Internet and my PC.

assigning access to files

Lock Computer

PC infected with multiple trojans and malware

malware how great

Remember my password-Option gone .

Can I delete entire "Favorites" list at once?

control what programs access internet?

yozoegmu.dll not found

5 steps but still have spyware

spyware? malware? can't be removed.

Malware infected computer

How do I remove XP from my 'C' partition - it's full!

Corrupt missing files after virus

Trying to recover system files for boot-up

Malware infection and now cannot view c: in disk managment

iexplore.exe Can't stop process!

computer was loaded with infections

Email received notification

Permission Changes in Wins 7

Spyware infected PC

Backing up a single program

how to remove before bootup logo

Utilizing all RAM

Defrag / USB Issues

Popups and other problems

How to remove Downloader-PS virus?

Can anyone check my log?

how to get a gargeband or movie on vista

Ad popup windows every 5 minutes in IE Grrrr

windows 7 blocking ports?

TS server crashing

CPU has a PC Security Guard infection

Having very bad Malware and possible Trojan

Did a restore (using backup and restore) and lost important emails

Boot loader died

Keyboard and mouse are dead

Burning DVD's

lots of spyware and popups


I need Help with Continuous pop-ups

I think my computer is infected.

internet not compatible

Malware problems

Help needed - I believe I have some sort of spyware/.

Problems with adware / pop-up ads

Built in burning support ?

Two operating systems?

PC Appears to Have a Virus

Need help with removing some spyware

how can i get a screen shot?

My PC is freezing up after Adaware found trojan

Can the Inspiron 1150 be operated with battery removed?

PC is slow after replacing a blown motherboard

Spyware? Adware? Malware? All I know is Browsers are opening HELP!

Popup problem.

Am I bugged?

Missing ethernet controller driver after reinstall on refurbished computer

Permantely Deleting Files

Friend needs help.

Can't make hidden folder unhidden?

I suspect my system is infected with a rootkit

google redirects and auto pops up

How to catch the internal URL's that IE is getting as part of the current page?

Troubles register files deleted by virus

Open With. Virus- HELP!

Zoom entire screen?

My Documents is being very rude.

Stop file sharing"

Changed Resoultion

Dll missing error

Deleting links history

How do I find if a Key logger or spyware is installed in my pc?

I want to burn a CD

Is it safe to run a website from your home main computer?

Is there a way to get more screen resolutions?

bios problems

how create dos application ?

How to Rid Of It ?

Vista Reformatting Issue

No initial response from mouse

Looking for a keylogger

Slow computer and Pop-ups. Please Help

Can no longer use the same keyboard key twice in a row?

USB memory stick infected

Can i update my intel celeron to pentium III

Spyware hell

How to open a "PUB" file in Win7?

How to repair File PA56 1401.cab

Computer infected with A360 and multiple Popups

Howto reinstall XP on laptop with no CD drive

Bad monitor or video card?

My PC infected Help Requested WEBWEB123

How to Back Up ?

need help with parents computer

infected puter

Malmare/AdWare problem with website popups

not junk

HELP possible virus

Please Help- annoying pop-ups in IE

Shortcut Problem with Vista

What's Disabling Anti-Virus Software From Running?

Infected Computer (MSN IM sends out links) - Please help

Full computer back up

Cleaning Computer need my log read

Found 5 Infections after running scan.Help to Remove

Lost Files Moving from C: to D:

HELP. must have malware

Computer repeatedly crashing

OS or RAM issue?

Locating an infected PC

Installing a Netcore Router

HP DV6780SE putting Xp on it:)help plz

New Post with correct logs. SORRY: Infected and can't find virus.

How to stop CiD pop-ups?

cd burning on windows media player

Viruses and popup problem - here are my logs

Startup files.

How to filter out specific files?

Restoring to factory setting wthout XP cd

Software to remove registry entries after shareware removal?

Infected with viruses [Moved from XP]

Help w/ removing Malware Alarm21

Cannot view saved pics from webpages?

I cant kill this pop up

Laptop now virus free?

Possible Hijacker/Keylogger help?

LOP type malware?

Ads popping up

Creating A Partition without formatting disk?

Constant popups - multiple viruses

IE and Firefox Popups?!

Slow Intenet and Bad PopUps Please Help

How can i make my computer go faster?

i think i have virus.WHAT IS HITACHI HDT

Repeating Trojan Zapchast.reg Mcafee keeps removing it every 10 seconds.

Saving Notepad

parents' computer keeps dieing

Outlook 2003 - Sending Folders

Recording Webcam video and Pc outout audio together ?

keylogger on my computer . Please help

Serious Malware problem

How to hidden this

Help me delete XP PRO from my HD (have 2 installs on HD)

Tool Bar Virus Alert

cleaning out computer

Scan got rid of a virus ALONG with some necessary exe files.please help!

Compaq laptop removal of vista

remove a program

Download is corrupted

Help please. Malware problems

Did I Damage My Computer Beyond Repair

uncompressed files after disc clean is run?

I think I have Spyware

How do I delete a duplicate copy of winXP?

pop-ups.that wont stop

Photo Sorting Problem

malware-antivirus ad popups

Possibly Infected with a Virus!

Printer Sharing -- XP and Vista

How can put fresh vista on acer aspire 5315

win7 turn off anti-virus soft. can't go internet

Painfully slow computer - possible malware?

Burning Cds / Media Player

I think I have a keylogger. Somebody please check my log.

Switch screens positions in extended desktop

need some help with finding when i deleted an add on

When opening a program

Pop ups I can't get rid of

Laptop With Malware

Customizing Icons

unlock the discktop windows7

Hotmail: email attachments

Virus cleaned

How to verify hotmail account using an alternate email

saving ie favorites

Accidental Uninstall

xp pro won't boot or take password

Residual files - cannot delete/uninstall

Unwanted things loading at start-up.

Had a virus think i got rid of it but still having some problems

Disable URL time stamp change with IE7

no cds and need to reformat

Pages Redirected

Removing 'recently closed' in Google Chrome

I need some help with an infected computer please

Windows Resolution

Malware Wipe Pop-up Problems

Spywere problems

Windows firewall is turning off

SeanL- just started using this computer again wanted to makesure it was malware free

Outlook says other app accessing email on every new or forwarded message

Making my own firewall in IE

all my main folders turned into shortcuts on external hd by virus ?

Please tell me if I nave spyware

How to remove a program from start up.

Search Re-Direct

Spyguard 2.1 on my computer

Annoying automatic updates message

Another yahoo google link hijack. HELP!

Wireless connection problem!

Multiple computer problems caused by malware?

Is there any method to transfer an OS of a computer to another?

what should i get to secure my computer?

Format using NTFS (full format option) stops at 18%. WHY'S THAT?

Firefox uses loads of memory! & csrss.exe - virus?

XP-to-HP5L-printer communication issues

Rebooting problems dds

Help.Virus infection!

Trying to extract data from hard drive using command prompt

Spyware/Malware in my system.Please help me to remove.

Accidentally Moved text files

How to record Live feeds off the net

How to update ATI graphics driver or enable ATI adapter using the Displays Manager?

Possible Malware

Is this guy hacking into my Wi-fi?

Encrypted files

Please Help - Virus problems

Exe files no longer work. Now "lnk"

I need some help with using Bochs!

Cannot open downloaded files.

Google/Search Redirect

Removing Programs on Start-Up

Bad popup/toolbar problem!

Certain Applications do not get acces to the internet

possible computer infection. please help.

Tons of viruses & slow initially bc of AntiSpyMaster

my computer virus

Having trouble finding onboard components.

Cant downgrade Compaq laptop to XP

change guest login to admin or figure out admin password

hit del to get in to bios

ridding pigeon pp

Anti-spyware - took over my pc! :( plz help!

reformat my computer

slow system and annoying popups

How to force the stupid "plugins have been disabled" popup for good?

Virused Laptop? Not sure

Virus Alert in tool bar

trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition

Possible malware infection preventing updates

Sticky Boot up.

constant popups - zedo sites

Can I Combine Partitions?

Help with a spyware.

Easy mouse question! how do i kno---------

Laptop may have a virus

Corrupted JPG's?

random pop-ups even if my browser is not open

Accessing a password protected wireless internet

IE Pop-ups - Malware

Sophisticated Browser Hijack

PLease help im sure a have a virus or malware and the like

HELP to remove XLIME.OFFER popups

loadingwebsite & other incessant popups

System Popups directing to download anti-virus software

Disabled Applications?

Multiple malware/virus problems

How to reformat / reinstall vista completely?

I am infected with Not-A-Virus

Telnet remote access?

Desktop shortcut problem

HijackThis weird tcp connection to remote port

Operating system password reset

Help With Virus (I Think)

Can only boot in safe mode after malware attack still getting browser popups.

How to enter this simple DOS command?

Removing software time trials

Hi there. I think I have a spyware problem or worse.

Computer re-infected with adware/malware

can somebody tell me what is wrong with my pc?

Capture images from WMP 11

XP Trojan virus. Please Help!

Background program running?

Malware help. did first steps

Is there a way to turn off Windows Messanger in windows 7

Infection not detected by antivirus

Need help cleaning laptop with malware

recover pictures after removing virus

How to make application ?

xfrutram.dll problem

Followed the steps in KRC Anti-Spyware Tutorial but still am getting pop-ups

Video on both display

Possible infected pc

tons of popups

Help! Virus/Malware/I don't know - Win 98

Pretty smart virus/trojan - keeps changing process name

How to activate wireless netwok card

XP Serious Error - Recently Formatted HD

uninstalling WinPcap

McAfee sending me popups

Continuous popups in IE

what kind of computer do I have?


Windows XP RAM issues

is my system infected?

how to set bandwich priority

help with computer think i have a virus

Lost History: how to prevent history delete?

My ethernet controller is missing after reinstalling XP please help

how to.

Uninstalling drivers from Windows 7

What should I do to protect a new computer?

Sharing music files at home

Help virus& delete file

Think i have virus / spyware

Trojan.cache.cache Removal Problems. Please Help!

VMware installation on Windows 7

Installing memory with Win XP

copy operating system

Google/Yahoo Hijacked.

how to fix "program is to big to fit memory"

I think i broke my computer

IE Pops Up While Running Firefox

How do i edit details on vista?

I could no longer unhide Files and Folders under Folder

Browser Color changed - how to change back?

How to set desktop up for using WiFi

how do I get it to replace updated files on backup thumb drive

How to Copy Songs/Music to CD by using Media Player or Roxio?

Icons on screen larger on right in Windows 7

I uninstalled a program

Reformatting with two drives

Please Help! Possible virus / malware infection.

Musicmatch -- can't log in?

Security Master AV Has Deeply Infected My Computer

virus or trojan after firewall/antiV. disable

Hyperterminal help

How to download youtube videos

how to protect cd's and dvd's from being copied

Unwanted Options In The IE "Tools" Menu

malware/trojan help continued

How to cancel computer autoshutdown?

Suspect Virus

Connection to internet on pc

Change x32 sp3 to x64 ?

Can you use ANY Windows 7 disk to re-format computer?

Cleaning Disk of Business Data

firefox not showing user name choices after first letter entered

Your System is Infected on my desktop

Dban walk-through please!

fulling deleting all traces of a program.

Saving E-mails and or account

vista cannot join samba domain

Internet applications problem - background processes?

Deliberatly disabling a PC

Annoying constant minimizing.

need help cleaning system

Format A DVD

Comodo Internet Security seems to have disabled my internet

I may have a virus!

How do I view computers history/log? (Please help)

Copying Files At A Dos Prompt

Definite malware - Windows desktop issues - cleaned some

Resolution/Color Depth problem

Select PC

how to use svn with local server ?

2nd Request-Please help with annoying popups and slow performance.

open ports issue in windows firewall

Not Urgent Just need someones help

Enable Bluetooth

Problems with malware

I believe my Pc its infected Logs include

can not open multi windows

Malware problem. need help

Problem with popups

Virus help - having major issues

any hope of making inter(r) pentium(r) processor faster?

Can't delete Administrator account

Reformatting. PLEASE HELP.

Really nasty Malware

\filepath\filename no longer references active drive letter

More Spyware/Adware Than I Can Handle

My whole laptop has changed language in windows and on the internet

recover outlook exchange *.pst files

Strange popups

locked out of external HD

Logfile - computer going slow - help

Two copies of Windows XP at boot up

cant open files

how to run memtest

Encrypt Documents and Making Them Secure

Virus deleted all my data on USB

Getting tons of pop-ups and not sure what's causing it.

bypassing divx install

Malware Infection I think

new directory

Connected to internet

Firewalls got disabled

Help with connection wirelessly.

Restoring old user settings after a Windows XP repair.

dvd cownloading to my computer

Sata Drive Problem

.dll file not Working

Freeprodtb gives pop-ups

Cant View Folder Options

Help with getting rid of these popups

fps issues with windows 7

Windows is starting up

Contacts groups help

Significant Malware Problems

Infected PC !- Please Help

Hiding program from removal?

Suspected Keylocker

Itunes and Ipod

VM Ware and Wifi dongle

Virus Infecting HTML Files - 2

When printing to a shared print

Possible keylogger threath

How to get an activex prompt to reappear

reinstalled windows

Can't get my laptop out of hibernation.

Formatting my computer is not an option/ 0 recovery points

Reformatting XP help.

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