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This site showed me more than a few people have the same issue. Brian S Got Antivirus 2006 & XP. Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 218,240bytes (85% of all occurrences), 21,504bytes, 26,905bytes, 16,897bytes or 253,568bytes. kriswald sometimes has to force close ccApp.exe when shutting down Wolfgang I hate it because my computer can't shut down because of it.

duke nukem It keeps crashing my ATI driver. Then I have to shut it off by the switch. On restart everything starts agin fine. It's not essential and you can safely remove it for faster boot up if you wish GaRHaR you need this service to nicely manage multi display or tv-out setups etc... http://www.file.net/process/usrprmpt.exe.html

Run a malware scan, using reliable security tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease, to get rid of the unsolicited processes and their associated malware. Ish I wrote it for Nvidia, it is not spyware. When i close it norten closes.

  1. Mari-Lou IT IS Norton Internet Security !!!!!!
  2. See also: Link Paul Brown Hey, it's a legal process!
  3. LuvJeans It is for Nvida graphic card but when i deleted it it made my cars back tires go flat leave it alone Skippy nwiz.exe is a part of NVIDIA Shalianahe
  4. Otherwise it is Nvidia like the one my laptop runs on.
  5. Nelson Makes your graphics card function at maximum capacity, but may slow down your comp if you have a shitty comp.
  6. Ari Keep your backup partition protected!
  7. I run vista with a nVidia card but don't know what's going on with this.
  8. Dominick Ponda I run dual monitors with Nvidia cards in SLI.
  9. Notice the difference?

If it is infact norton wizard it is a virus. Who Cares Part of Norton Internet Security (Anit spam, Virus and firewall). Piper Part of Norton email protection but it eats up all your resources and slows everything to a crawl. You should leave this process running.

JRBeaman add page file (ie ram memory) everytime it scans something. If not solved, NIS will be repaced by Zonelabs ZoneAlarm. If you have the card, it's not fake. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ccapp.exe.html It's from NVidia, that's for sure.

Should only have high CPU when active. Kees Totally safe. A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. You don't need it on startup,uncheck it in msconfig XerO it's a file that is used for nvidia drivers.

Process wouldn't let itself be stopped. Discover More It defaults to my msconfig Startup Options, comes with Gateway computers, but I don't know why. I switched to Zone Alarm, problem solved! finally after weeks of suffering//I get my PC back ...

Would a newer PC with faster clock be able to handle the process better or will the problem continue? Takes a lot of mem, e.g. 600M after 8hurs Iks I have W98SE and this file hangs for about 5 minutes when I start my system. Surti I do know that it's used for Norton Antivirus now, I thought it was spyware. Rachel It's on many types of computers as part of a protective recovery suite called Angelware.

Search your system for Start.But if you think you have the virus and/or you do not have an nVidea card. Workaround on this by Symantec does not work in my installation. seems to be a part of norton antivirus, usually has trouble closing on shutdown, used a lot of memory darcy Any program can potentially interact with another program. Googleplex This is part of your dirver installation of an nVidia Graphics card.

Uncheck just to be safe A. Seikku Kaita I have an hp product, but it hasn't been in my windows HKLM..Win.Run file til justrecently. here is your "SIMPLE" nwiz problem solver. 1st go start search then type in search for nVidia.

I removed it from autostart and manual system scan would not work.

Symantecs crappy software, hangs CPU DIggItaLL[]r Just got a nice clean XP SP2 machine, and ccApp keeps scewing with the shutdown (screen goes to black, but fans +HDD still run) as Syx It's pure crap. pavka It erases the easter eggs off of your dvds. options then antivirus then hit auto protect.

See also: Link Emma It is definately an InVidia file for your video card. Have to turn PC off via power switch. Pramod Fanda if only for email protection, it should not so big in size (9.4M after loaded - 3.4M before loaded), or it is a stupid design ! We were having problems with our Bridge inspection software locking up for a period of time, we used easycleaner to remove the nwiz.exe from the startup and rebooted and now have

Now going to ditch Norton and return to Mcafee........Norton really sucks!! XP wouldn't shut down at all. Note also this proccess on newer computers running service pack 2 can cause it to hang at shutdown or logoff due to norton shutting down improperly. i checked tha taskmanager and ended some process which was unusual except the antivirus.

Who to believe? This Forum aint helping much ;) There has been some hassle with my GPU though, with 3dmark05 the points suddenly dropped from 3600 to 2900 and i cant get it work But my laptop is abnormal in everyway possible so I can probably see why. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer.

Just uncheck it in msconfig. See also: Link Chrispixx The Great ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both NAV and NIS. can't seem to End Proccess either. :( Lisa norton antivirus part My shutdown takes 5 minutes before I desintalled the norton security , now it takes 20 seconds It is the I have deleted it from the startup and now should be fine.

Thank god i looked up ccApp on the net and found this site or i would have taken to the computer with a hammer Tara ccapp.exe causes peak in CPU usage now when I go to Run, type in the proper edit for registry, it auto opens at the HKLM Run file showing it. It seems dangerous. Fragatta For a reason yet to be identified Outlook is unable to download from 'ic24' email acccount until I have stopped CCAPP from running ...

mistypeach NVidia desktop manager. It does slow my PC and always has to be forced to end when shutting down. and run Antivirus scans frequently, but no hits. Normal startup entry is "nwiz.exe /install".