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[email protected] is also looking at the issue as well. Viewing an Attribute 10.9. The repro has the same effect on a build with the attached patch applied. Checking Whether a Windows 2000 Domain Controller Can Be Upgraded to Windows Server 2003 2.13.

Enumerating the Objects in an OU 5.4. Finding Users Who Have Not Logged On Recently 6.29. Getting Started Approach to the Book 1.1. Deactivating Classes and Attributes 10.21.

They are spread manually, often under the premise that the executable is something beneficial. Transferring a FSMO Role 3.27. Viewing the Replication Status of Several Domain Controllers 12.3. The base position for 47.0.2526.5 is 352221, so all these changes are present in both 47 and 48.

  • Adding or Removing a Replica Server for an Application Partition 17.4.
  • Comment 75 by [email protected], Oct 21 2015 Processing OK, so obviously, applying the 32 bit workaround doesn't make sense, but with repro.exe, the access violation in #72 happens without patching AVrfDebugPageHeapReAllocate.
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Quotas Introduction 15.1.
  • Enabling Inefficient and Expensive LDAP Query Logging 15.9.
  • Have you tried the workaround for the PageHeap bug he describes here?

Assigning Logon/Logoff and Startup/Shutdown Scripts in a GPO 9.9. I will try to repro the case as soon as I fix it. Gosling (assigns of E. To fix, the key dates to get your change into M46: ** Make sure to land your change in trunk/master by Oct-2 (PT), merge it into M46 by Oct-6 (PT).

Comment 24 by [email protected], Sep 29 2015 Processing @hongc... Transferring a User’s Group Membership to Another User 6.17. Comment 8 by [email protected], Sep 1 2015 Processing I was having some issues with the windows machine at the moment. Comment 47 by [email protected], Oct 7 2015 Processing I used "windbg.exe -I" so it can intervene whenever the Chrome executable crashes.

For the leak reference in AsyncAudioDecoder and the interaction with the main thread, I am adding [email protected] and [email protected] for the review. Searching for a Large Number of Objects 4.8. ffmpeg_glue.cc was last changed at http://crrev.com/350278. Creating a Transitive Trust Between Two AD Forests 2.17.

Modifying the Cost for a Site Link 11.11. Replacing NIS 18.11. After the initial investigation, we thought this requires the structural change of thread handling between the main and the decoder thread. Searching the Global Catalog 4.7.

Can you update the bug with current status, and what, if anything, is blocking? Can you show me the exact steps you went through? Creating a User 6.2. Triggering the KCC 11.28.

Feel free to reopen this issue if any of this looks incorrect. Comment 48 by [email protected], Oct 7 2015 Processing Actually m47 started to generate the exact same call stack I posted above - after setting workspace for windbg.exe (symbols/sources). Restoring a GPO 9.19. Comparing the ACL of an Object to the Default Defined in the Schema 14.13.

Enabling DNS Server Debug Logging 15.7. Backing Up a GPO 9.18. Comment 18 by [email protected], Sep 24 2015 Processing Hey, your bug is currently marked as a releaseblocker for M46.

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Changing the Mode of a Domain 2.10. Comment 80 by [email protected], Oct 27 2015 Processing Thanks, will do. Modifying the Attributes That Are Copied When Duplicating a User 10.13. Registering a Domain Controller’s Resource Records 13.14.

Comment 4 by [email protected], Aug 27 2015 Processing Cc: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Owner: [email protected] Ray's the TL of the code (I'm just a reviewer) and Hongchan works on it. repro.cc 966 bytes Download Comment 78 by [email protected], Oct 26 2015 Processing Thanks for the detailed information - I will incorporate it into my report to Microsoft. The PoC now triggers an OOM crash - apparently changes were made in the way Uint32Arrays are allocated, or the layout of memory >0x80000000 has changed. Attached are: repro.html => the repro AVR;Uninitialized+0x24 chrome.exe!msvcrt.dll!_freefls 0A3263.html => details of a crash caused by the repro poc.html => the proof-of-concept AVR;Arbitrary chrome.exe!verifier.dll!AVrfpDphFindBusyMemoryNoCheck 27DAF4.html => details of a crash caused

Deleting an Object 4.21. What the last two stack traces suggest is a bit unclear and we (web audio) are not sure about how to proceed on this. Documenting Schema Extensions 10.7. Deregistering a Domain Controller’s Resource Records 13.17.