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PC slows down with games BIG TIME

computer running very slow.have no idea what it could be.thanks

Multiple users vs slow running pc

Computer Running Slow (Hijack log)

Super Slow Computer

Computer running laggy overall

Very slow startup plus malware/viruses

probable viruses/slow pc

Malware Problem- Extemely sluggish computer

Slower PC by a virus

Slow Computer - No Reason

computer running slow. about blank. Hijack log included

Help! Slow computer!

Help! My PC is Super-Slow

NAV & Sluggish Comp

System extremly slow with occasional hangup requireing restart.

Computer running very slowly

Computer running slowly

Computer is slow

Virus? Spyware? High CPU use/slow download speed

Computer Running Bad

Computer Running Slowly - Please Help!

computer running slow at times

Computer slowed down in spite of antivirus and anti-spyware; sacked by bugs; help

Severe system slowdown.

Slow computer again

significant computer slowdown

Computer Slowdown

PC running extremely slow

Computer running slowly for some reason

computer running way slow please help

Computer running very very slow

PC runs slow

Slowdown computer (no virus)

Computer running unusually slow

Computer running very sluggish.Please check log.thanks

All around slow PC

Slow PC with Multiple Issues

Computer running real slow

runs slow. please help out

My powerful computer runing very slow; HELP!

Computer Slowed by Virus

Removed programs.PC still SLOW and bogged down.1 yr old

Computer acting slowly

Computer running slow

Computer running very slow

computer running slow has popups and keeps crashing

Help with this super slow computer

BrstsWnd causing computer to run slow?

Computer Running slow. Logs Attached

Computer is running very slow

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