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Sign In Problem At Only One Site


Uncheck any active proxy settings. 4 Reset your browser. Please note that doing so may mean you effectively have two copies of your content, so you will need to tell the search engine which version is authoritative. If you can, try to load the website on another device connected to your network, and a device that's not connected to your network. FALSE on '''layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled''' LuvFF2 Posted 8/25/15, 6:57 PM Question owner It didn't work.  : ( This is a weird one.

Don't worry — we're here to help. Note that not all public DNSs allow access to the same content. Your antivirus software may be interfering with your ability to load certain websites. Click Fonts and check whether Firefox is using the font specified by the website and downloaded or is substituting a font from your system. have a peek at this web-site

Can't Access Certain Websites On Any Browser

The problem happens in all web browsers This is probably a problem with your internet connection. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified."? Update webmaster tools to reference the HTTPS version of your site instead of HTTP. LIVE CHAT Chat With Sales Chat With Support More Info Sales Contact Support Portal To exit Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.

  • I sell on etsy and using a different browser is just irritating.
  • Make sure your computer has a network connection and then: Click the menu button , click Developer and make sure Work Offline is unchecked.
  • Please ask a new question if you need help.
  • To fix this, set your pop-up blocker to allow www.bu.edu as an exception.
  • Reload the page by choosing Choose View > Reload in Safari.
  • However, we've provided some guidance below that may help you if you're trying to submit multiple applications.
  • Plug your router back in and wait for it to completely light up.
  • If this doesn't work, you may have been given an incorrect address.
  • OK.

Which makes using the site impossibly annoying. Are there any problems? If the error page shows a "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" error, see the How to troubleshoot the error code "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" on secure websites article. Wikihow Fix You Can't Access Particular Website You should try to remove any permissions those applications have for Firefox, and then add them again.

Click the "Disable" button next to each extension. Some Websites Not Opening In Any Browser Thanks for your reply. If the website you are trying to visit contains a colon followed by a number in its address (for example, http://website.com:23), try removing that portion (http://website.com) or replacing it with :80 Suddenly out of nowhere the text is fine.

Therefore, the certificate is not associated with any 'trusted root' in the browser's certificate store and the browser will display an 'untrusted' error. Can't Access Website From My Network If you have parental control software enabled, it may be blocking access to certain websites. The following example provides a better illustration of this issue: The diagram above shows the certificate for www.comodo.com. See Websites say cookies are blocked - Unblock them for more information.

Some Websites Not Opening In Any Browser

Modified August 25, 2015 at 3:29:09 PM PDT by LuvFF2 LuvFF2 Posted 8/25/15, 3:33 PM Question owner I took 2 more pictures. Also, if you need me to send more of the Inspect Element information it does scroll and is fairly lengthy as I am sure you are aware. Can't Access Certain Websites On Any Browser No other site is effected and I have been on FF 40 about a week and on many sites. Some Websites Not Loading Windows 10 The option to Remove All Website Data in the Privacy pane of Safari preferences does this, too.

If so, check if you see one of the following error messages: For a "Secure Connection Failed" error message, see the Troubleshoot the "Secure Connection Failed" error message article. If adware was preventing you from visiting certain sites, you should be able to visit them now. Copyright © Apple Inc. Making these changes means the search engine will index the SSL version of your site and present this version in the search engine results. Can't Access Certain Websites Windows 10

Close the Connection Settings window. Press the button on the right side called Show Cookies. Click here to Register a free account now! The problem is still occurring.

wikiHow Contributor Whether it took too much time for the browser to get a response from the website you wished to access. Some Websites Not Opening On Wifi Ask the community Share this: Jason is an AdSense expert and the author of this help page. Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems. *View > Zoom > Reset (Ctrl/Command+0 (zero)) *http://kb.mozillazine.org/Zoom_text_of_web_pages If you have made changes to Advanced font size settings like increasing the minimum/default

The link was https://www.etsy.com FredMcD Top 10 Contributor 2620 solutions 35166 answers Posted 9/29/15, 10:46 AM Well done.

Learn more about managing access to an account. I can't visit the site etsy on firefox with absolutely annoying issues. Certificate Name 'Mismatch' error The 'certificate name mismatch' error occurs when the domain listed on the SSL certificate presented by the server does not match the domain that the browser is Can't Access Certain Websites Mac With big sites like Twitter or Facebook this may only be a few minutes.

Which makes using the site impossibly annoying. Check your connection settings and disable the proxy server to see if the issue is resolved.[2] Internet Explorer - Click the Tools menu or Gear button and select "Internet options." Click Not sure why. Check your computer or mobile device's clock to make sure that it is set to the correct time and date.[1] 7 Ensure that there are no parental controls enabled.

LuvFF2 Posted 8/21/15, 2:14 PM Question owner Thanks for getting back to me. wikiHow Contributor Assuming you just need to read the page and not interact with it (logging in, uploading things, etc.), you could try wayback.archive.org. wikiHow Contributor You either have put in the wrong address or you have no WIFI connection. The problem only happens on a secure (https) website Look at the web address in the location bar.

Traffic to or from a certain website may be getting tripped up by your modem or router. An extension may be causing problems with your browser. I did do a reset for View/Zoom and did check font sizes and it is 16 and none and then the advanced does have an X for "Allow pages to choose A webpage repeatedly reloads or redirects.

Please post a public link that we can check out. I am not really very good at interpreting what comes up so I thought maybe you could take a look. If this happens, test with a different browser on that computer. http://kb.mozillazine.org/about:config Sorry , I seem to have missed your reply.

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. What is wrong if I have checked everything, but a specific page will not open with my computer or iPad. You will receive a message that the DNS cache has been flushed, and you can close the Command Prompt. Steps Part 1 Basic Troubleshooting 1 Try loading the site on a different device or network if possible you can try your mobile network.

If you are using the default browser and don't have any others installed, you can quickly download and install another free browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. 4 Temporarily disable your